They Must Be Stopped!

"dot-com The Movie"

The "dot-com The Movie" feature film is a dramatic thriller about hate crimes and the internet.
Attempts to start a race war by a dangerous group of white supremacists are discovered by two investigative internet reporters for WorldWebDay.com
Newly rich internet millionaires Janelle Warner and Monica Sample are an inter-racial lesbian couple who must battle for their lives as hate crimes sweep the US. Young, brilliant, beautiful computer hacker Shay Conner can save them, but does she dare challenge the deadly White Aryan Militia?
Shay has the power to change history. Forever.

"dot-com The Movie" is currently scheduled to begin shooting in S. Calif Fall 2001. Cast and crew positions, and co-production opportunities exist for this romantic thriller feature. Email resumes, bios & headshots to Digital Entertainment Group at: WebDay@aol.com
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The 20 most important books on hate crimes in America:

Join our Crew & Cast in the dot-com SCAVENGER HUNT by helping to find the locations, props and vehicles on our NEEDS LIST that we need for production.
Mikka Scottt ("Racial Divide") plays Janelle, the intelligent ex-fashion model & pro beach volleyball player now investigating hate crimes for WorldWebDay.com in "dot-com The Movie". This internet thriller exposes the dangers posed by white supremacist hate groups. For more pictures, visit the Cast Pics pages below.

Mikka Scott is Janelle in dot-com The Movie

Go here: multimedia for Free Behind-the-Scenes streaming video, and Free MP3 soundtrack downloads!

Judy Kimble ("The Doors", "Endless Love") plays Monica, the beautiful, funny, tough, investigative internet journalist in "dot-com The Movie".
Judy Kimble is Monica in dot-com The Movie
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