"dot-com The Movie" Story Synopsis

A depraved group of WHITE ARYAN SUPREMACISTS initiate a deadly spree of mayhem and hate crimes bent on igniting a race war. Two newly rich & beautiful internet reporters discover the plan, and are the only ones who have a chance to stop the terrorist’s plot to kill millions.

Los Angeles. April 2002. A small terrorist band plans the new world order. GARY , his girlfriend SHAY, and buddies ART , and ROY form the radical racist group White Aryan Militia (WAM!).

Although WAM! is seemingly composed of “white trash,” ex-military rejects, they are anything but inept. They raise money with drug, pornography, and gun sales. Now they’ve got the arsenal and ruthlessness to cause mass destruction, the equipment to document their acts of “white patriotism,” and the savvy and know how to spread their doctrine nationwide over the internet. Meanwhile hate radio talk show host DORRMAN spreads their gospel, even after his arrest by undercover vice cops DIANE and DANNY for soliciting underage prostitutes.

With all the pieces in place, WAM! starts their attack: a religious based race war to unite whites and topple the “Jew run” & minority infested United States government.

Under Gary's leadership WAM! begins committing violent hate crimes. African-American women are kidnapped, raped and murdered, and their demise recorded in obscene "snuff" films. A rabbi, an abortion doctor, gays, and others are gunned down.
Interracial couples - “race traitors,” are a particular target for the group.

Two investigative internet reporters for WorldWebDay.com - MONICA and her partner JANELLE - have just become IPO millionaires. Now they drop everything and start on a new story that involves a dangerous white supremacy group. Word from their editor is that WAM! is up to something big, but what? Monica's young daughter JULIETTE starts having violent nightmares. And the disapperance of Janelle's cousin MOESHA may be the latest in the series of torture/murders of young black women in S. Calif.

WAM! intensifies their attacks, committing more murders. But even these acts won’t satisfy Gary’s rage and lust. He becomes increasingly abusive of Shay. She won’t leave him though -- Gary has “taken care of her” ever since her brother was killed in Desert Storm. Gary, Roy, and Shay’s brother all served together.

Monica and Janelle become convinced that the heinous hate crimes are all being committed by WAM! But they have no evidence. Janelle manages to decode one of WAM!’s secret files. It’s a video file of defrocked ex-minister Art preaching a twisted sermon - perverting the Bible to justify WAM!’s racist doctrine. This isn’t illegal activity, but it’s a start: they’re able to see and identify all the members of WAM!

Janelle pulls an all-nighter trying to decode the remaining WAM! files. When she takes a break to chat on-line she meets “Gothluvr” in a vampire chat room. Janelle and “Gothluvr” share an interest in Goth music and agree to meet at a record store.

After a particularly brutal and senseless murder Shay starts to really question what is going on. But it is a serious mistake when she refuses to follow Gary’s instructions. He “punishes” Shay by allowing Roy to brutally rape her.
Art is disgusted by this and leaves for the night.

The next day in town, Janelle is waiting to meet “Gothluvr.” She is shocked when she sees Shay and recognizes her from the WAM! terrorist video! Shay is about to get hit by a bus but Janelle saves her. Shay's first reaction is one of hostility and repulsion at even being touched by someone black. But soon realization dawns on them: Shay is “Gothluvr” - the two were already friends on-line but didn’t know it. A wild night of dancing together at a goth club cements the two women's unlikely friendship.

Later that night a mysterious figure, THE MAN approaches WAM! The Man tells WAM! of a large scale racist conspiracy that has been in the works for over forty years. He makes an offer to WAM! to join the conspiracy. They readily accept! He promises to equip them with everything they need. WAM! wants bombs and chemical weapons. Their aim is to poison LA’s water supply, and then destroy the power grid for the entire western US. Complete chaos will ensue.

With supplies from The Man, WAM! releases deadly nerve agents on an entire urban neighborhood. The death toll is staggering, but it is just a prelude for what is to come...

As the stakes escalate, things go from bad to worst for Shay. Not only does she now secretly have a black friend, but she realizes that she is pregnant. Gary claims the baby isn’t his. When Shay insists that it is, Gary becomes violent. He beats her badly.

While planning their next operation WAM! realizes that their files have been hacked! They successfully launch a computer virus on whoever hacked them - Janelle and Monica.

The virus destroys most of the real evidence that Monica and Janelle have gathered against WAM! But Janelle still knows WAM!’s approximate location. The two reporters try going to the authorities but no one will help them without evidence. In fact, it is revealed that “The Man” is a top special agent for the FBI.

Janelle realizes that she hasn’t heard from Shay in a while. She’s worried, and feels guilty for using Shay as her contact to WAM! Janelle discovers a new file on WAM!'s server showing the terrifying "snuff" film death of her missing cousin Moesha.

Already on the edge of sanity, Shay secretly overhears a conversation between Gary and Roy. The truth is revealed about Shay’s brother: Gary killed him in Desert Storm, and Roy helped him cover it up. Shay staggers out of the house; this news seems to finally push her over the edge. She has a mental and physical collapse.

That night Janelle takes off in her truck hoping to rescue Shay and avenge her cousin's death. Monica can’t stop her. Janelle rushes on, not knowing what to expect but sensing that if she is too late, for LA, tomorrow is doomsday…

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