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filmdirector2000: Cult vampire videos, sexy picture galleries, MP3 vampyre music & comics, vampyre events, scenes & games, bleeding edge indy films, "Year 2000" The Movie feature film, computer animation documentaries & more to come!
Vampire TV: "All vampires, All the time!" with G2 RealVideo sexy vampire films, MP3 music, picture galleries, behind-the-scenes sexy live vampyre chat, and live scenes, gatherings & events.
Year 2000 Survival Checklists and Workbook: Readers are given tools to help them draft a "personal preparedness plan" for themselves and their family. Great resources!
Y2K Products: The Y2K Products Network
GeCe Ventures: Year 2000 information, resources, and links: Free programs with source code to show Y2K compliance.
Year 2000 links and alternative self sufficency information: What you need to know to become prepared.
JadeMountain: Appropriate Technology For Sustainable Living. Over 6000 Products. Solar electric, micro-hydro, wind generators, composting toilets & greywater systems, super energy efficient appliances, and much more!
Safetynet Inc: Software for the PC/LAN environment. Product range covers security, anti-virus, year 2000 solutions, disaster recovery, event scheduling and software distribution.
Licensed To Kill: Offering a provocative look at anti-gay murders, Arthur Dong's "Licensed To Kill," winner of the Sundance Film Festival Directors Award and Filmmakers Trophy, is now available on educational video. A 35-page comprehensive study & resource guide written by a panel of distinguished experts accompanies the video.

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